When iconic Melbourne Italian café Brunetti opened a new flagship store at Flinders Lane, it wanted the shop to be about more than cake and coffee. Together with Light Project, Technē Architects created a space filled with the theatre and ambience synonymous with Brunetti’s brand. While ushering in a new chapter for this iconic eatery, respect was also paid to design and style to reflect the brand’s tradition and heritage. Minimal and adaptable lighting creates a balance within various spaces and fosters a welcoming ambience. Brunetti’s heavenly products are given ‘jewel-like’ status within luxurious patisseries counters coupled with inviting social spaces for customers to take in the excitement and activity of a visit to Brunetti.

“Carefully crafted lighting was key to achieving a comfortable, inviting atmosphere that puts all the focus on Brunetti’s delectable offering.”

Anja Grant, Technē Architects