November 2020

New Brand Partner - Cariboni Group

Cariboni Group, founded in 1908, is a premiere Italian lighting manufacturer specialising in outdoor urban, street, architectural and functional lighting. With a product range entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, every design and production decision is made based on an assessment of its capacity to respect the environment, limit light pollution, reduce energy consumption and guarantee the reliability of the product over time. The value of Cariboni Group's lighting solutions lies not only in their own development process and state of the art manufacturing facilities, but also in the passion and technical experience of their team.

Cariboni Group seek to achieve excellence in urban street, space and architectural lighting in order to offer citizens evocative environments, visual well-being and safety.

By partnering with Cariboni Group we're able to offer a wide range of solutions for all your exterior lighting application needs, all equipped with efficient optic solutions guaranteeing the best photometric result and visual comfort. Contact your local technical sales consultant today or simply call Light Project on +61 3 8415 1970 and let us assist you realising your vision for your next project.