May 2021

Good design award Intra Lighting

The Award Program was founded in Chicago 1959 and more than seven decades later the Chicago Anthenaeum continues the organisation of the program to create awareness about contemporary design and to honour both products and industry leaders in design and manufacturing that have chartered new directions for innovation and pushed the envelope for competitive products in the world marketplace. The esteemed award honours contemporary design in all its dimensions: innovation, usability and aesthetics. All this was recognised by the commission of renowned experts in all four Intra lighting luminaires that were applied to the competition.

Light only where necessary, only as much as necessary and only when necessary

Marino Furian : Intra Lighting

Read more about the award-winning iconic products: Black HoleExtreme phenomenon This is a story of how the light found the way out of the black hole to enlighten your space. Black Hole is a perfect luminaire for all your galaxies – home, office, hospitality. Because of its size and distinct look, it has absolutely no chance to stay invisible. It is multifunctional and offers different possibilities of illumination. Its sophisticated design brings a touch of luxury to your space while the faux leather acoustic surface also reduces noise and improves speech audibility. Last but not least it also comes with an integrated Bluetooth loudspeaker. The atmosphere it creates might help you find the way out whenever you feel stuck in a black hole.

PixyAuthentically magnetic Pixy is never fixed. It is always flexible, making it the perfect choice for restaurants and bars where moving tables is a daily routine. With a small carbon rod and a magnet, you can instantly move and redirect the light. Use as a standalone light or combine up to 7 fittings in a cluster. Combine colours and play around with heights to create your favourite composition. Also available in a wall or ceiling mounted version. EyeGood looking all around The eye is not "just one more spot". All the details are carefully thought out. Its clean, elegant look with the possibility of a flexible 360° orientation makes it a perfect luminaire for hospitality, retail and private residences. Eye has a high lumen output and high IP protection, which allows it to be installed both inside and outdoors. Beneath its coloured die-cast material is a series of thought-out details, making Eye a responsive lighting fixture. VykoEc(h)o friendly No noise. No glare. No pollution. Vyko improves the acoustics, adjusts the lighting to individual needs and creates private ambiences. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for offices and large open spaces. The 3D eco-friendly acoustic panels are made from recycled plastic bottles and wool to guarantee an echo-friendly acoustic performance. And above all things, even if you can’t see the light source, it provides efficient homogenous light distribution. Click through for more incredible Intra Lighting products HERE or simply call Light Project on +61 3 8415 1970 and let us assist you realising your vision for your next project.