Wesley Edward Edgar Centre

Surry Hills, NSW


Since the 1970's Wesley Edward Eagar Lodge has provided a safe space for our community's most vulnerable as they rebuild their lives. Scott Carver Architects' work on the Wesley Edward Eagar Centre for Wesley Mission does away with common misconceptions about social housing to fit beautifully amongst a gentrified Surry Hills locale. The new project opens up the ground plane to welcome the general public of Surry Hills, allowing them to appreciate the heritage-listed façade and chapel interior, and assist in the rehabilitation and reintegration of the homeless. The building's facade acknowledges its past while remaining relevant in a modern context. The spacious vaulted chapel is broken down by timber, metalwork and glass interventions that create moments of respite and informal and formal social spaces. These insertions give thanks to the heritage façade, maximise daylight, and improve vision across the space. Besides that, the upper guest levels comprise 40 larger reconfigured rooms with increased light and ventilation. Lighting design, textural palette and colour schemes play an evident part in creating a residential character's soft, mindful, and calm space.

Positively impacting mood and behaviour were key to the re-design of the client accommodation. The design intention was to promote a sense of warmth through the finishes and furnishings and to provide a sense of home and belonging

Helen Griffen, Associate, Interior Design, Scott Carver