Wesley Edward Eagar Lodge



Since the 1970's Wesley Edward Eagar Lodge has provided a safe space for our community's most vulnerable as they rebuild their lives. The centre’s commitment is to help people of all ages and abilities experience a more fulfilling life physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. To support this vision the key aim for the redevelopment was to move from a congregate care approach which typically features small rooms and centralised, shared amenities, to providing larger rooms with ensuite bathrooms. This shift in design represented a greater shift in the way we consider crisis accommodation; providing the residents with a safe and private space, elements crucial to their sense of home and belonging – and placed dignity, wellbeing and comfort at the forefront of the design. When designing for Social Housing, meeting performance and safety requirements is essential. However, equal attention was given to the lighting design, textural palette, and color schemes to create a residential environment that feels soft, mindful and calm. Instead of flooding areas with light, our approach focused on indirect lighting solutions that add visual interest while maintaining a suitable level of lighting for safety. This careful balance ensures that the space avoids a cold, institutional feel and instead promotes a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for residents.

Positively impacting mood and behaviour were key to the re-design of the client accommodation. The design intention was to promote a sense of warmth through the finishes and furnishings and to provide a sense of home and belonging

Helen Griffen, Associate, Interior Design, Scott Carver