The Camfield



When Oldfield Knott Architects were commissioned to design a pub big enough to hold up to 2500 people, they set out to create Australia’s biggest pub. With six bars, 175 beer taps and an on-site microbrewery, The Camfield is an impressive feat. The fit-out looks and feels like a brew house, says Oldfield Knott Architects’ Frank Iemma. “It was about industrialised exposed steel, bare concrete floors and stone used in a minimalistic yet contemporary fashion.” Lighting played an important role in bringing intimacy and character into the cavernous spaces. Catering to the pub’s diverse clientele, simple, classic and timeless fixtures were used to create different experiences in different zones. From fun, bright, bubbly spaces through to intimate family dining areas, each zone has its own personality. Highlights of the fit-out include a 150 metre-long backlit mesh panel that cleverly conceals the bulk head; and a bespoke luminaire designed by the client for the venue.

“It’s big enough to hold a [stadium of] punters, but it’s still comfortable; when you walk in there you can find yourself a small corner.”

Frank Iemma, Oldfield Knott Architects