Sydney Bentley



Located in Sydney’s suburbs Alexandria, a two-storey office building has been converted into Bentley’s new premium car dealership. Incorporating high-end furnishing and finishes designed to reflect the exclusivity of the Bentley brand. Based around a linear approach, the lighting had to be fully diffused, integrated and controllable with high CRI performances. Light levels were also a key element, with a targeted uniformed 1000 lux continuous throughout the length of the showroom. In contrast, the clean lines of the fittings compliment the suspended circular feature lights located above each meeting table. The clients’ eyes are simply drawn to the complete display, highlighting the luxurious cars with an even, natural and crisp illumination. The high-level lighting solution helps creating the atmosphere and the mood of the space through controlled balance, uniformity and quality.

"Light project understood client expectations and provided a top-quality lighting solution to suit the high-end retail experience. "