Sculptform Design Studio



Our solution revolved around the celebration of different construction elements and the associated tasks performed in particular spaces. The vision for the project was to conceal and integrate as many fixtures into Sculptform’s construction details where possible to ensure the interior form remained the hero. Specific areas for consideration included the fanned batten spacing, curved pelmets, tiered seating and the specific function requirements of the working areas. Our approach was to first understand the specific task, lighting and uniformity levels required as well as considering the construction of the space and the opportunities it allowed for. The circulations spaces were lit by integrating the Prolicht Magiq fixture between the battens. With a narrow width (less than 35mm), multiple configurations, beam angles and lumen outputs it was the perfect choice. The curved auditorium’s seating and ceiling pelmets supported the integration of Clear Lighitng's Flexglo product, allowing for a fully integrated, homogenous linear solution with varying outputs based on application. Desk spaces within the open plan retail space required a more uniform lighting distribution and Intra Lighting's Lona fixtures were selected to be positioned behind the timber battens resulting in an interesting visual statement as the fittings illuminate through the batten structure. The meeting rooms and workshop areas adopted a more conventional lighting approach with fixture selection being aligned to the areas function as opposed to the integration within architecture.