Richmond House



Richmond House offers a glimpse into what we can expect in our future homes. Lighting is instrumental in this well-thought-out three level renovation. Functional needs are met while creating depth and shadow throughout the house. Rather than illuminating entire spaces, direct task lighting for working areas has been used as well as track lighting for artworks to bring light to the things that matter most. LEDs in the staircase handrails and natural light via a ceiling shaft are further examples of using space and design sagely. This townhouse has been designed by Rob Kennon Architects in collaboration with Light Project with clear purpose. It offers its residents apartment-style living while not confining the family.

“The Richmond House is a sign of things to come in domestic spaces. Having different levels is how we’ll be living tomorrow. Laying a small footprint gives a sense of separation and creates a sense of larger proportions.”

Rob Kennon, Rob Kennon Architects