Residential Garage



A garage is typically considered a purely utilitarian space, with little thought for the internal aesthetics, so it is rare to find a client who requests a grand garage. Architects Kenström Design worked alongside Lighting Designers Light Practice, to bring this garage to life. The project was not without its challenges - in addition to the vastly more complex structural and engineering components, another key challenge was to work in such a large space with no natural daylight. Light Practice had to come up with a concept which didn’t feel too commercial. The flexible LED strip behind the wall battens at the skirting and cornice levels had been in the design from the beginning, and small vertical marker strips are used to delineate the parking bays for five cars. The lighting design highlights the curved walls and lines of the battens, whilst creating a luxurious and calming atmosphere. With its striking batten-lined walls and smooth concrete surfaces highlighted by beautiful lighting, the garage is a triumph of considered simplicity and materials.

“Light Project had the perfect product to match the design - their partner Prolicht had the complementary choice of colour finish to top off such a unique project”.

Jovica Sredojevic, Light Practice