QT Perth



In this beautiful new Perth Hotel Indyk Architects with Nic Graham & Associates was engaged to marry QT’s unique brand of hospitality with its Western Australian location. Shelley Indyk and her team at Indyk Architects designed the guest rooms, working with Amara Clarke of Llight (lighting designer) and Nocturnal Lighting (through Light Project) to produce a series of bespoke fittings that would bring that sense of luxuriousness to the fore and make lighting the “jewel” within the scheme. Shelley, Amara and Nocturnal lighting created the highlights in the bathrooms with their bespoke vanity lights. “The fittings are vertical tubular fluted glass cylinders held between brass rods. They are mounted vertically between ceiling and floor [setting] a glow for the mirrors and light up evenly the guest's face,” she says. “The bedhead lighting in some rooms has two different pendants hung at different heights.” Specially made by Nocturnal and ADesign, the cracked glass pendant hangs suspended in front of the velvet upholstered bedhead, creating “crackled enigmatic shadows” on the bedhead. “Hallway light fittings are also manufactured by Nocturnal and have direction and geometric play within their design,” says Shelley. “Limited to the lift wall they add detail, reflection and glow on what would otherwise be a blank wall space.” Finally, the room number lights, again a bespoke fitting, illuminate the number through a laser cut metal tube. Pure lighting magic.

“It is always critical to create a mood and ambience, and lighting must be utilised and worked with skillfully to do that.”

Shelley Indyk, Indyk Architects