Monash University Law Faculty Learning Precinct



The Law Faculty Learning Precinct is part of a second stage redevelopment of the ground floor of the prestigious Law Building at Monash Universities’ Clayton campus. The project delivers new student-centred formal and informal learning environments across the floor plate. It also provides ceremonial entry and support spaces to the heart of the building – The Moot Court (completed by JCBA in 2016). Overall, the new precinct delivers the university exemplar teaching, mooting, and research opportunities. The lighting intent was to carefully illuminate the existing exposed waffle slab ceiling seamlessly, without interrupting the clean ceiling planes where possible. Lighting was integrated into complex joinery elements that provide a level of sophistication to the students and study spaces. Lighting levels also had to conform to rigorous performance requirement set-out by the University design guide lines. Vode’s ZIPTHREE was used as a super low-profile lighting solution to wash the corridor ceilings and emphasise the beautifully sculptural forms. In addition, the luminaire provides indirect general illumination and dynamic shadow play. This was a critical design solution given the challenging slab to slab ceiling clearance. Please click here for more project images and information.

“We worked closely to understand the project constraints, explore design possibilities, and achieve clear lighting solutions in a truly collaborative design process. High levels of lighting consultation provided technical information with fast-paced accuracy from concept through to completion."

Thom McCarthy – Interior Designer, Jackson Clements Burrows Architects