Kimpton Margot



The five-star Kimpton Hotel is the first of its kind in Australia, owned and operated by Pro-Invest utilising IHG’s brand. The project encompassed refurbishing 172 bedrooms, revitalising the main lobby, introducing a private wine cellar, enhancing the ground-floor restaurant and upgrading the yoga studio and gym facilities. Preserving the integrity of the Art Deco aesthetic presented a unique challenge. The lighting solution needed to be versatile, offering a cohesive atmosphere across various spaces within the hotel, from expansive lobbies to intimate corners. Meeting stringent quality standards and incorporating warm dim technology to create an inviting ambiance added complexity to the task. The cornerstone of the lighting solution was the adoption of Clear Lighting’s flexible LED neon lights. Renowned for their quality craftsmanship, quick lead time and competitive pricing, these lights seamlessly merged with the Art Deco theme. The embedded warm dim technology played a pivotal role in cultivating a welcoming and intimate atmosphere throughout the hotel. A notable success of the project was achieving a consistent perception of spaces while accommodating diverse requirements. The neon lights were used in various areas, from the mezzanine bulkhead to intricate details in bars and planters and prominently featured as cove lighting in the hotel lobby. This versatility contributed to a harmonious and cohesive design language, ensuring that every corner of Kimpton Margot Sydney exuded the desired warmth and depth. The lighting solution not only met the project's technical demands but also played a vital role in creating a timeless ambiance. The interplay of light and shadow on Art Deco-inspired accents, bold patterns and plush furnishings elevated the hotel to a new level of sophistication. Guests now experience a seamless blend of classic charm and contemporary luxury, making Kimpton Margot Sydney a benchmark for Art Deco refurbishments.

The refurbishment stands as a testament to the successful marriage of heritage and modernity, with the lighting solution playing a pivotal role in this transformation.

Matteo Di Flumeri, Senior Technical Consultant | Light Project