Since 2007

Suncil is born out of the notion that we have a responsibility to deliver greener, safer and smarter energy solutions to future generations, in order to secure a sustainable world. With a vision to harvest renewable energy sources over the lifetime of the products, building an intelligent infrastructure that works with, not against, the natural world. Suncil’s technologies are based on renewable energy sources without the need for any underground cables - a more cost efficient, smarter and effective way of implementing solar energy into cities and communities. At Light Project, we are always looking for new possibilities and opportunities to meet our customer’s needs and appetite for progressive lighting, reduced emissions and control solutions. With Suncil's innovative and sustainable solar offering, we continue that evolution. We are proud to partner with Suncil and excited to make renewable energy products available for our customers, community and environment.

"At Suncil we believe that together we can take on some of the biggest challenges, creating solutions for a better future. A future of people engaging and working together across the developed & developing world. Thinking together, innovating together, dreaming together."

Lars Bjørn, Managing Director : Suncil ApS