Since 2017

Timeless in form and precision-engineered, IILUS luminaires are unified by a common design language that connects spaces inside and out. IILUS’ design philosophy is rooted in the ordered standardisation of elements within architecture, where all parts operate as individual components of a greater working system. Form and proportion are purposely restrained while prioritising optical performance. The absence of unnecessary details ensures that the luminaires sit silently and comfortably within the surrounding architecture. Each product family offer a range of optical characteristics allowing designers to deliver their concepts in thoughtfully resolved ways, replicating the way that natural light falls on objects and defines space.

We have a shared passion for Australian Made, functional and elegantly designed lighting products. Both located in Surry Hills, our companies collaborate in real time on market needs and supply. We have confidence our combined knowledge and experience together will bring success to every project.

Craig Neil, Managing Director : IILUS