Since 1979

B.lux’s passion for manufacturing decorative, architectural and outdoor lighting is artisanal by nature. Each lamp is made by a person, for a person, ensuring that human touch is part of every step of the process, from concept to delivery. B.lux is focused on meeting user needs, driving invention and improving quality of life for its client base. B.lux’s partnerships with internationally renowned designers, such as Werner Aisslinger and Jorge Pensi, have been a key ingredient to brand growth. B.lux lamps are now marketed to more than 65 countries, helping them meet the needs of a global market.

“Light Project reflects the type of travel companion that B.lux needs. The secret is as simple as engaging in smooth, two-way communications: we listen to them and they listen to us.”

Harriet Ibarretxe, General Manager : B.lux