September 2020

Sculptform Speaker Series

Register here Tom Curtis, Light Project's National Sales Manager is proudly presenting alongside industry peers Rosina Di Maria - Principal Woods Bagot and Dan Treacy - Head of Design Rakumba Lighting, on why architectural lighting is crucial when designing, and the need to balance both functionality and aesthetics to get the full and seamless effect of light and shadow at play.

With the ability to largely affect the mood of a room, lighting is one the most critical elements to consider in design. It can transform the space in shape and size and guide the viewer on a journey through the space.

Tom has been part of the Light Project family for over 10 years. He has an inherent understanding of Light Project’s history, the value of relationships, the knowledge and experience Light Project proudly represent. Tom’s former experience as a practicing Architect is fundamental to his collaborative approach to problem solving. He understands space and design and has a love for lighting, which combined together has led to many successful architectural lighting outcomes. Join us as Tom, alongside Rosina and Dan, share his thoughts and valuable knowledge on what to consider when using light as a key design element with feature walls and ceiling. Register here for livestream at 12.30pm AEST, October 1, 2020.