December 2021

Proudly Australian Made

Intralux is a well-known global luminaire manufacturer based in Brisbane, Australia, lead by David and Samantha Tilbury. Locally manufactured, with a wealth of family lighting experience and innovation the Intralux team are driven by their commitment to continually push the limits to discover innovative and new solutions engineered to ensure minimal environmental impact. Anything is made possible thanks to their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that encompass modern semi-automated production techniques. Their in-house research and development department are pioneering in their use of sophisticated 3D modelling technology to utilise rapid prototyping processes, and are continuously evolving their manufacturing model to remain Australia’s leading lighting manufacturer.

“Sustainability through luminaire design is at the heart of our business and fundamental to everything we do as a company. We are of the belief that if everyone takes small steps, we will make big strides together and we are excited for Light Project to continue driving change together with us.”

Samantha Tilbury | Managing Director : Intralux

The company has extensive international presence in more than 20 countries via strategic alliances with leading local distributors. One of Intralux's biggest competitive advantages is their persistent drive and investment in new technology to assure delivery of the highest quality products, with unparalleled performance. Their focus and commitment is aimed at providing maximum benefits to the customer and products designed to last well into the future. Light Project is thrilled to be able to bring this new offer to you and collectively contributing to drive change. Contact your local technical sales consultant today to find out more about the new range of products or simply call Light Project on +61 3 8415 1970 and let us assist you realising your vision for your next sustainable, energy efficient project.