June 2019

Colour Makes a Difference! | Metal Edition - The New Prolicht Colours

Individualisation is very important to Prolicht. Each luminaire is made according to the customers wishes. Prolicht provide a large selection of configuration options for every product, including form, mounting, lighting technology and 25 unique colour finishes. We are excited to announce that Prolicht have extended their standard range of colours by adding the Metal Edition in 2019. This includes: 26 Champagne Cream, 27 Copper Mine, 28 Ancient Bronze and 29 Jazz Gold. Colour creates a basis for creativity; whereby small colour accents can make a big difference. With the choice now between thirty Prolicht colours, it is possible to configure each Prolicht luminaire to complement the respective design. Check out the new colours here or simply call Light Project on +61 3 8415 1970.

"Our exclusive effect colors are perfect for setting sparkling accents with a touch of glamour and luxury. They give every room a special noble charm. "

Pilar Estevez : Prolicht