November 2021

Acoustic Meets Lighting

Excellent room acoustics and lighting adapted to individual needs are the basic requirements for an atmosphere in perfect harmony. For this reason, Prolicht have joined forces with IMPACT ACOUSTIC® from Switzerland to fuse our know-how in lighting technology with the best producer of acoustic products. Together they develop acoustic luminaires that meet the highest requirements in the professional lighting sector, from offices to hospitality.

SPARK is one of the products in the new range. This rounded lampshade presents a classic appearance from afar, but get closer and experience the inherent playful character that sparks life to any space without intruding. Pick from five different sizes or go all-in combining dimensions for an exciting dynamic.

Every one of us has a responsibility to drive change, to make an impact. But making sustainable choices can be hard. Contributing to a better you and a better planet can happen in several ways, such as making conscious choices and opting for sustainable initiatives.

Walter Norz : Prolicht

The material ARCHISONIC®, a high-performance sustainable acoustic absorber, used is our products is manufactured at the highest quality standards and is both Cradle to Cradle certified and LEED accredited. Instead of extracting new material, the product relies on the upcycling of single-used plastic bottles, and 88 post-consumer PET bottles are used for every square meter of finished material. ARCHISONIC® is made of through-dyed fibres (produced in the same traditional way as natural wool felt) which do not bleach out even when aggressive cleaning and disinfecting agents are used. The anti-bacterial properties of PET fibres means it does not provide a breeding ground for bacteria, therefore making it an excellent material choice for our acoustic luminaire range.

Our tastes and preferences are informed by a palette of influences, from the political and social climate to environmental concerns and technological advances. IMPACT ACOUSTIC® has taken these influences and translated them into a range of 28 colours, from versatile neutrals to directional highlights. Each one plaings a role in eight delicate stories designed to capture the prevailing moods in colour. Learn more about our acoustic lighting solutions HERE, or simply call Light Project on +61 3 8415 1970 and let us assist you in realising your vision for your next project.