Scape LightProject Foolscap L3A0351 final Medium
Cara Gabriel, Foolscap Studio.

“Scape provided us with their six identity pillars: ‘clean, but not cold’, ‘proudly pop’, ‘singular, not eclectic’, ‘be the pink sheep’ and ‘surprisingly daring’. We used these pillars as a driver for our design decisions throughout the space.”

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Scape Living
— Melbourne

For Scape, student accommodation is more than just providing rooms. Its new Melbourne building focuses on connecting the students to their surrounding city and each other, through bright, well-lit and colourful communal areas and an indoor/outdoor bleacher. 

Photographer: Penny Lane


  • Foolscap Studio

    Foolscap Studio is an independent cross-disciplinary design practice centered around built environment and interior architecture at all scales.

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Light Project Team

Project Brief

To design communal and social spaces over the ground and first floor. To reflect the branding, colour and approach of the global Scape brand.


Products: Hangover Long suspended spots, GOOOs recessed step lights.

Products: Lona S and Lona RV ambiental, Kalis S and Gyon SDI linear profiles.

Products: Tube 96 track spots (with custom colour finish in kitchen area), CAN 100 and 140 can lights – suspended and surface. Ridge Flat 17x8 LED linear


Adjustable lights amplify colour; feature pendants reinforce brand identity; a custom lighting raft contains uplighting and orange powdercoated spotlights, pairing with the room’s orange motif.