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Dee Why
— New South Wales

Dee Why RSL by Altis Architecture and Malaya Blonde

Being one of the biggest of RSLs in the northern beaches of Sydney, this award-winning project required some serious statement lighting as part of its transformation. Through its refurbishment by Atlis Architecture, the RSL offers members an exclusive club-like atmosphere, supported by a school of shimmering fish-like chandeliers.

Photography: Justin Mackintosh 


Light Project Team

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Project Brief

Briefed by lighting designers, Malaya Blonde, Light Project enlisted manufacturing and design partner, Nocturnal Lighting, to develop the concept for a series of custom chandeliers.


Working closely with Light Project, Nocturnal Lighting produced a series of custom chandeliers which each span a spectacular one-metre length.


The curved chandeliers are inspired by a school of fish and made out of anodised gold aluminium elements, which glow and shine, thanks to am opal LED ribbon.