A Baker 1

A new lease of life.

A Baker
— Canberra

A Baker — Canberra

Track lighting suspended from the exposed ceiling structure of the charred shell offers ultimate flexibility while allowing for light levels to be controlled with spot sources. LED lamps bring indirect light to spatial zones and back light the bar areas, ensuring minimal energy consumption and maintenance requirements.

Photography by Scottie Cameron and courtesy of DesignOffice.

Light Project Team

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Our creative vision

How do you design a house to glow? The secret is in invisible light sources, according to Electrolight's Donn Salisbury, who led the lighting design team on this stunning NSW home.


The project called for an intrinsic lighting design that would embed itself into the structural forms of the home, illuminating interior spaces while concealing sources, making it glow from the inside out.


The two sleeping wings both house self-contained bedroom retreats, their entrances identified by custom designed marker luminaires that double as nightlights.