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478 George Street
— New South Wales

478 George Street -Event Hospitality & Entertainment Office by Candalepas Associates and Electrolight

This building contains the head office of Event Hospitality and Entertainment. The interiors push the boundaries with slathers of gold and an elaborate Baroque-esque design.

Photography: Rohan Venn



  • Electrolight

    Electrolight is a multi-award winning, international lighting design consultancy.

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  • Candalepas Associates

Light Project Team

Light Brief

Event's new head office displays the ambience of a hospitality space more alike those they create, rather than your typical workplace.

Electrolight has applied lighting with refined precision and creative elegance to bring about a series of commercial spaces not unlike the chic offerings the Event brand create themselves. Seamless integration and thoughtful restraint are obvious throughout.


The custom pieces were designed by Electrolight and fabricated by Nocturnal. – both decorative and functional – to match the unique interior aesthetic.