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Do more with less – ZipThree by Vode

“ZipThree is a line in space. It embodies our ethos of adaptive architectural lighting solutions,” says Tom Warton, CEO and co-founder of Vode Lighting.

Vode’s new ZipThree lighting fixture is about as minimal and high performing as you can get. Ultra-thin with bi-directional ceiling wash, wall graze capabilities, ZipThree puts the control in the hands of the designer, allowing you to sculpt and illuminate space in an intentional way.

As a bi-directional fixture, the ceiling wash and wall graze channels put the power in the hands of the designer, enabling you to independently control and dim each fixture to light a space in numerous ways. There’s also the added advantage of the fixture being available as a ceiling-wash-only and wall-graze-only fixture – or both.

In conceiving ZipThree, Vode’s principal and chief creative officer, Scott Yu, says: “With each product, we try to push the limits of the possible, asking ourselves, ‘What rules have we not broken yet?’ Here, we started with the question: ‘What happens when you ask the design team to imagine a light that is almost invisible?’ The result is ZipThree, an impossibly thin blade of light that seemingly floats on a wall.”

High performing on aesthetics and energy efficient as well, ZipThree is designed using long-lifespan LED; it also simultaneously offers greater colour versatility. Which makes it ideal for direct and indirect lighting needs in corporate, hospitality and institutional contexts.

“We are continually looking for new ways to bring designers more options. The ZipThree has been heavily-engineered to use minimal material and create minimal waste, enabling endless opportunities to creatively light a space.” - sayTom Warton, Vode Lighting.

A fixture that does everything with seemingly nothing “ZipThree throws more light into the room and further minimises the visual mass by cheating the eyes”, says Scott.

Tech Talk

For those of you ready to talk hard tech, here are ZipThree’s 5 top features:

  • Line of Light: The fixture features a rectangular profile of only 0.27” (7mm) x 3.78” (96mm).
  • Light Quality & Performance: Up to 137 Im/W, 2691 Im/ft (8826 Im/m) at 80+ CRI. 90CRI available.
  • Remote Power with Independent Channel Control: Vode drivers may be remotely located up to 72’ (21.95m) with independent control on ceiling wash and wall graze for ZipThree as standard.
  • ZeroMount™: Mounting options include a very low profile wall bracket or ZeroMount™, a highly-engineered mud-in wall bracket with zero detail where it interfaces with drywall.·


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